Bulk Sms

January 11, 2017

 We provides you with a unique control panel. Reports of SMS sent, delivered can be viewed easily and effortlessly. You will have a unique username and password to access the control Panel.




  • Supports all GSM & CDMA networks in India
  • Personalized Sender ID (Up to 6 Alpha-numeric characters)
  • Send Single SMS / Send SMS to many from file (.txt / .csv)
  • Send SMS Now / Schedule SMS on particular time & date
  • Delivery Reports / Download reports in MS Excel or Text
  • Online Phonebook & Groups
  • Developer HTTP API to send SMS from your website
  • Instant Activation
  • User Friendly Interface

Sms Routes

  • Promotional Route :


    Not able to send SMS to DND numbers. Sending time 9:am to 9:pm

  • Transactional Route :

    Able to send SMS to DND numbers. No time restrictions. Sender Id Allowed.

  • SID Route :

    Not able to send SMS to DND numbers. Sending time 9:am to 9:pm. Sender Id Allowed


Bulk SMS can be used as –

  • Marketing Tool

    Send bulk SMS to make people know about you, your company, your offerings, special offers using your own sender ID. Provide information about new services & offers to existing customers or subscribers.

  • Announcements

    you can send announcements to your clients, students, staff, etc.

  • Acknowledgements

    Send Acknowledgements for payment receipt, order received, etc.

  • Reminders

    Send Reminders for expiry, renewals, appointments, etc. Notify debtors about account balances exceeded or overdue.
    Schedule SMS for Birthdays, Anniversaries and other Important Days.

  • Alerts

    integrate it with your existing website to send alerts, warnings, confirmation messages & auto-responders.


SMS PackagesUnit PriceTotal Amount
(inclusive of tax)
Total SMS CreditSMS TimingsOrder Here
10000 SMS 20pRs. 200010,000 SMS9 am - 9 pmOrder Now
25000 SMS18pRs. 450025,000 SMS9 am - 9 pmOrder Now
50000 SMS16pRs. 800050,000 SMS9 am - 9 pmOrder Now
100000 SMS14pRs. 14,000100,000 SMS 9 am - 9 pmOrder Now
200000 SMS13pRs. 26,000200,000 SMS 9 am - 9 pmOrder Now

Terms & Condition

  • Each SMS contains maximum 160 characters.
  • More than 160 Characters will be valued as multiple SMS.
  • Each new line will consume 3 character spaces
  • SMS can be sent on any cell phone Network of India, any city.
  • Delivery Time Table will be provided by Photon Bulk SMS.
  • Company reserves right to make future changes in ‘Sales Packages’, ‘Terms & Conditions’, or any other aspect of business due to swift changes in IT Services market place.
  • Approved material for the SMS Message will be provided by the clients.